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LG OLED becomes
a digital canvas for artists.

LG believes artists can express their imagination and create a new kind of digital art that were never before available.

What's on


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    Frieze Seoul 2023

    Limited early bird tickets to Frieze Seoul are now on sale! Get your tickets before they sell out to save up to 25%⁠ off full price tickets. Tickets grant access to both Frieze Seoul and Kiaf SEOUL
    Discover more than 120 international galleries plus specially curated sections highlighting emerging and historical artists
    Hit the link in bio to buy now

    Headline Partner, Frieze Seoul - @lg_oledart⁠⁠
    Global Lead Partner - @deutschebank @deutschebankart


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    YCC 2023

    Get to know Farah Al Qasimi (@frequentlyaskedquestion), the artist who transformed the @Guggenheim Mmuseum's rotunda & third floor café into a digital paradise for the annual YCC Party!
    ?: The night promises to transport you to another dimension with DJs Sienna Fekete and Ashley Teamer on deck.
    ?: Indulge in our open bar, featuring specialty cocktails complementing the evening's futuristic theme.
    ?: Feast your eyes on Farah’s artistic universe on the world’s most advanced digital canvas in LG OLED Lounge.
    Party to the beat of the future at the 2023 YCC Party. ????

    #LGxGuggenheim #LGOLED #LGOLEDART #FarahAIQasimi

    The YCC 2023 artist collaboration with Farah Al Qasimi (@frequentlyaskedquestion) is supported by LG OLED (@lg_oledart).

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    Six N. Five X LG OLED

    At Frieze New York, LG OLED ART will introduce a new project with artist @sixnfive in the LG OLED Lounge, harmonizing art and technology. These new NFT artworks will also be available on LG Art Lab, LG’s very own NFT platform

    LG’s continuing goal is to create diverse collaborations based on LG OLED, LG’s core technology, which establishes a new cultural trend of OLED Art that can break through the limitations of conventional media and open up new possibilities for art and artists

    Follow the journey of @LG_OLEDART #FriezeNY #LGOLEDART #WeInspireArt

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    Experience A Life Extraordinary

    During Milan Design Week LG OLED and Moooi, present A Life Extraordinary, and you’re invited to our exhibition from Tuesday 18 April to Saturday 22 April.
    Salone dei Tessuti Via S.Gregorio, 29, 20214, Milan, Italy
    This year, Moooi and LG OLED ART both exploring the intersection of design, lifestyle, and technology more extensively.
    They are embracing physical and digital realities and creating technologically advanced experiences that are deeply personal.

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    Whanki X LG OLED Frieze Seoul 2023

    김환기(@whankimuseum) 화백의 작품을 나만의 디지털 에디션으로 소장할 수 있는 기회. LG OLED(@lg_oledart)가 김환기 화백의 예술적 가치에 대한 경애를 담아 풍성한 혜택의 특별 바우처를 선보입니다.❤ 이번 프로젝트의 일환으로 김환기 화백 대표작 '성심'을 포함한 하트 시리즈 총 5점을 디지털 에디션으로 제작 하였는데요. <프리즈 서울 2023> '성심' VIP Voucher 구매 시 50만 원 상당의 혜택을 약 12만 원으로 판매, 금액 대비 풍성한 혜택을 제공받을 수 있습니다.✨ 약 10만 원 초반대에 판매되는 본 프로젝트 바우처에 포함된 <프리즈 서울 2023> 초대권(VIP, Public)은 전용 입장 게이트 출입으로 대기시간 최소화, 김환기 화백의 실물 작품과 LG OLED 디지털 캔버스로의 감상 등 <프리즈 서울 2023>을 더욱 다채롭게 즐길 수 있어요.✅ 자세한 내막은 공식 구매 사이트 ‘DOSI’를 통해 확인해 보세요!  LG OLED ART

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    Anikoon X LG OLED

    애니쿤+ LG OLED?
    LG 디스플레이에서 65인치 LG OLED 8K TV를 협찬받았습니다.
    LG는 사랑입니다❤️
    코리아빌드위크 한국건축박람회에 작품전시를 하고있습니다~ 건축빅람회도 보시고 저희 부스에서 space+art fair 작품전시도 관람하세요~

    Space+ art fair 코엑스 C홀
    2023. 8.3(목)- 6(일)

    #코리아빌드위크 #애니쿤 #현대미술